It takes a village. Children with hypotonia and their families know this all too well.  Whether you are just starting out on this journey or have been on it for years; we want to have your back. Hypotonia is real, hypotonia is here.  There are 600+ reasons why individuals have hypotonia and sometimes families never get an answer. The Hypotonia Foundation is a place for all of us all to call home.

If your child is 18 or under and has a diagnosis of hypotonia; you can register them to join Team Hypotonia! They will receive a waterbottle, t-shirt, and wristband.

If you do not have a child with hypotonia but know a loved one who does; please consider donating so that our waiting children can receive their Team Hypotonia Kits.

To provide encouragement and inspiration to all children battling hypotonia.

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