Hi everyone! My son Brooks was diagnosed with hypotonic cerebral palsy November 27, 2018. I thought it would be a crushing blow, but it wasn’t. As we sat there in the small clinical room waiting for neurologist there was Brooksie, as happy as could be, rolling around on the floor and jumping on the chairs. It doesn’t define him and it definitely doesn't let it stop him! It is however one of the rare forms of CP with the main symptom being hypotonia or low muscle tone. For the longest time, “hypotonia” was all we had, like many others. I clung to the diagnosis even when everyone just referred to it as a symptom, it was so much more for Brooks. It was how we explained that Brooks was just a little bit different, how we pushed for just a little more services, and how we fought a little bit harder for everything he needed.

 I started the Hypotonia Foundation with generous help from my family and friends in hopes that as a village we can help all hypo kiddos be encouraged and inspired to keep fighting! Hypotonia is real, hypotonia is here. Our mission is to provide an inclusive Team Kit for hypotonic children so they know they always have a place to belong alongside others just like them. There are 600+ reasons why individuals have hypotonia and sometimes families never get an answer. We want this foundation to be your home. Our doors are open to all with hypotonia and if you are still on your journey for answers please lean on us because we have your back. Almost all medical professionals endearingly refer to Brooksie as a "loosey goosey" which is why we have chosen the goose as the symbol for our foundation. My hope is that the goose will soon be recognized nationwide as the endearing symbol of hypotonia. Thank you to all our family and friends who are so loving and supportive, not just of Brooks, but our whole family!

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